Herding Students

Susane teaches students of all levels, from beginner handlers with dogs that have never even seen a sheep, to experienced handlers with titled working dogs. Here are some of them.


Alex and Border collies Rook & Stoney

Rook has his started A and B course sheep titles in AKC. He has also competed successfully in the Novice class in USBCHA trials and has run a few times in ProNovice.

Stoney,who was bred and trained by Joni Swanke, is a lovely dog that showed a lot of promise.  Alex and Stoney competed together a few times, but when he started acting as if he couldn’t hear, we were devastated to find that he’s going deaf.  He has now retired to beging “just” a much loved companion and couch potato who loves hiking.

Ellen and Skye

Ellen and Border collies Trim & Fell and retired Skye
Before retiring from trialing, Skye earned her Started B sheep title and their Advanced A sheep and duck titles.
Trim is one of the pups from our second litter, she’s a great chore dog with great feel and balance.  Ellen added a new pup, Fell, in the fall of 2010.  Fell has developed into a really nice dog, nice enough that we are planning to breed him to our Sweep (see Our Dog’s page).


Miki and Old English Sheepdogs Gwennewiere & Yvette

Gwennie got her name because one of Miki’s birds, which is entirely too good at learning new words. It managed to teach Miki’s earlier dogs to totally ignore their names… Miki and Gwennie earned their PT in June 2004.  Before retiring she earned one leg on the started A sheep title.
Yvette isn’t quite as focused as Gwennie, but she certainly likes the woolies. And, just like with Gwennie, the sheep really like her. We think they believe she’s one of them…

Chuckie and Australian Sheepdogs Street and Bro

Chuckie and Street earned their PT title in AKC and Started titles in ASCA on ducks and sheep. Street is a finished breed Champion both in AKC and ASCA, and he also shows in obedience, currently in Utility.

In 2010, Bro was added to the family. He’s from the same breeder as Street. He’s got a bit more drive than Street and is more resilient, and since he started herding before anything else, we hope we can take him further than Street.

Chris and Pembroke Welsh Corgies Maggie, Winn & DDare

Maggie earned her PT at the Corgi nationals in the fall of 2005. However, Maggie is a funny little gal who had to be convinced that working for her “mommy” was not optional. Maggie has retired from herding training and is concentrating her efforts in agility.

Winn got his HT at that same national. Winn has also earned his PT – in June of 2006 as well as his HSAs title in 2010. We’re aiming for intermediate at the corgi nationals in 2011.

DDare joined the family in 2010 and while he’s growing up we’ve shown him both the ducks and the sheep, and he thinks they’re great.


Dea and Shetland Sheepdogs Tril and Hawk

Tril won two High In Trials at Sheltie national specialties on her way to the started A sheep title.  We’re working hard at teaching her to drive.  Puppy Hawk is being a puppy and has been introduced to the sheep which he thinks look like a lot of fun.

Joy and German Shepherds Jenna and Aldo

Aldo earned his PT in the fall of 2010 and his started A sheep in 2012. Jenna earned her PT in 2012.

Holly and Briards Farley, Savannah, Brit & Gallagher

Farley (now retired) got his PT at the June 2006 GRSC tests and trials and Savvy got her HT at the Briard national where Farley picked up one leg on his started title;  Savvy also has her PT, one leg of which was done tending style. Gallagher is a puppy that will try for his HT in 2013.

Bob and BC Shilo

Shilo is mainly an agility dog, but she enjoys working with the sheep once a week.

Annelise and Aussies Carmine and Disney

Carmine is a very driven girl with a lot of her own ideas.  It’s taken a while, but we’re making progress on the teamwork front.  Disney, her brother, is much more laid back and easy going, but still with a nice amount of drive.

Mary and Corgis Bright and Jo

Both girls are getting more interested in the sheep, we worked on ducks for a long time to build drive and intensity.

Denise and BC Magic;

Magic has her started A sheep title and she also likes to work ducks.

Gina and BC Abbey

Abbey got her PT in 2012 and we’re looking at started in June 2013.  I call her my little Bug in a Rug as she’s so cute and adorable.  It’s hard to believe that she ended up in rescue as a puppy, it never ceases to amaze me what people will throw away.

Jerry and BC Suta

Suta should see his first USBCHA novice trial in 2013.

Kathryn and Icelandic Sheepdog Sol

I work Sol for Kathryn.  We’re building up drive and his attention span.  He likes the sheep, but he’d prefer it if I wasn’t in the picture disrupting his plans.

Tammy and BC Houda

Tammy is learning how to work Houda after I started him to get some control.