HC SheepyCorner Queen of Hearts HXBds HXAds, OTDds AX AXJ, “Ginn”
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June 18, 2000 – April 6, 2013

Ginn was Chuck’s first Border Collie and one of the pups we kept out of our first breeding. She’s a littermate to Duce. She’s an excellent sheep dog and was very talented on ducks as well. Ginn finished the Advanced A course sheep and Advanced B course sheep titles in AKC as well as the Herding Champion title in 2003. Ginn had a very successful year in the Pro-Novice class in BC trials in 2003 and was moved up to open in October 2004 where she got a fourth place in a class of over 20 dogs her first time out. She took a maternity leave in the spring and summer of 2004.

At age 7 she was still running strong in open trials as well as any and all arena trials we cared to enter in. She had her first taste of the really big courses in May 2007 when we went to the Best of the Badlands trial at Konnie and Sharon Norstog’s place in Watford City, ND. Ginn did us proud by getting around the enormous course in both her runs – a real accomplishment since most dogs that run there for their first time have difficulties finding the sheep. The range ewes were a lot of fun to work.

Ginn continued to run really well for Chuck, she finished 2010 in 46th or 47th in the USBCHA open rankings, well qualified (at that time) to enter the National Finals which were held in CO in September 2011.  We decided to not go to the Finals, although Ginn was qualified to go, at age 11, she didn’t have quite the speed and endurance to manage those difficult sheep so no need to put her in a situation she might not have been able to handle. We went to the Ettrick Kennels Open that fall instead – Jack and Kathy Knox puts on an outstanding trial on a great field with good sheep.  Ginn retired from trialing after that trial, she gave Chuck a agreat ride for over 10 years.