Sheepy Corner Soot, “Soot”
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Soot is Susane’s pup from Toss’ litter. She’s definitely her mother’s daughter. VERY intense, with a lot of eye and quite a bit of tension, although that is getting better with age and practice.

Our “problem child,” she had to have OCD surgery at 9 months which laid her up for 10 weeks. After that, she’s managed to injure herself a couple of times, each time requiring crate rest; consequently, she’s a VERY good dog in a crate and in the house, but it didn’t do much for her training! . When I could work her, all she wanted to do was dive in a grab sheep and hang on – reminiscent of her mom, only more so. But, with a lot of great help from Marc Christopher, we’re making progress. Unfortunately, she also started overheating, the first instance was in May, in KY. She got to the point where she could only manage about 10 minutes of work at the time before we had to stop or she’d start to wobble. In late summer/early fall, I started using Glyco-Gen and it seems to help her. We will know next summer if it’ll work well enough so that she will be able to eventually move to open. Needless to say, Soot will not be bred. She was spayed in January 2011.


2010 saw her earning her started and intermediate A and B course sheep titles as well as the A course duck titles. She ran a few times in Pro-Novice in USBCHA trials in the fall, most of the time she was either DQ’d or Susane called time and walked off before she could blow up.

2011 – She’s entered in Pro-Novice and Ranch at the Bluegrass, we’ll see if she’ll be able to hold it together and finish the courses.