Toss’ Litter 2008

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Our third breeding was in spring 2008 between Toss and Jaydee

Toss and Jaydee’s Puppies’ Pedigree (PDF)


Claudia Frank’s HC Jaydee

Photo by Moonshots


SC Touch’Em All HIBds HSAs HXAd

Photo by Moonshots

Puppy Girl One – 2 days old

One week old, May 22, and almost doubled in size


Puppy Girl Two – 2 days old

Puppy 2 looks the smallest, but the scale tells a different story


Puppy Girl Three – 2 days old

Puppy 3 seems the most advanced, at least at this tender age.  We’ve started to call her “Pinky” as she’s the most pink.


Soot (Puppy One) at 15 months

Sweep (Puppy Three) at about a year and a half

Toozie (Puppy Two) at about four years old