Wisper’s Litter 2000

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We purchased Wisper from Becky Beckmann at Rising Sun Farm in Stacy, MN.   Susane fell in love with Mowtion, Wisper’s dam, when she saw her at an ASCA trial. Mowtion’s style, intensity and finesse handling ducks and sheep just took Susane’s breath away. (Mowtion is in the picture with Bodhi on the About Us page, taken at a conformation show where both of them won points in the breed ring. (Yes, I showed in conformation [a dirty word among working Border collie people] during the early days of AKC “recognition” while there was still a chance to attempt to educate the judges about what a Border collie is; however, as it turned out, those efforts where a complete and utter waste of time as is easily seen if you can stomach watching conformation judging today.)

When Becky got the opportunity to breed Mowtion to ##Wisp (Two number signs — ## — is the symbol for “International Supreme Champion”), Susane immediately put her name on the list to buy a daughter.  When the litter was born there were two girls: one a spitting image of her mom and the other girl a tri with quite a masculine head and nice substance.  Susane decided on the tri.

Wisper was bred at the age of four, after a two year search for the “perfect” mate.  Why did it take so long?  Well, let’s just say that a lot of  owners of stud dogs don’t know how to give clear answers to questions on their dogs’ good and not so good points, and an awful lot of them don’t do the minimal health checks (hips and eyes).

When we ended up keeping two of the pups (Ginn and Duce) and they both showed outstanding talent at a very early age, it became clear that Wisper wasn’t going to get the time and attention she needed (and deserved) to continue to grow.  So, when Sandy lost her only working dog in the middle of lambing, Wisper went to WI to become a “real” sheep dog.  Sandy runs a lot more ewes than we do and needed a dog in her chores every day.  Sandy now also owns a grand-daughter of Wisper, Ginn’s daughter Mist.


Dice Wisper
 Nancy Obermark’s DC WTCh HTCH Dice AX AXJ  Ris’nSun Wisper HS OTDds

Wisper & Dice Puppy Pedigree (PDF)

Wisper and Dice’s Parents
                           Dice’s Dam Dot Wisper’s sire ## Wisp Wisper’s dam Magic Mowtion
There are no picture available of Dice’s sire Imp. Craig

Our first litter — Wisper’s litter — produced eight pups: three bitches and five dogs, including Ginn and Duce .
Below are some pictures and info on each pup.

Annie , black-tri smooth coated.  She was our problem child, not due to anything she did wrong but she ended up coming back to us at 3 1/2 years old (we take back any pup we’ve bred, at any time in the dog’s life, no questions asked).  We kept her for 6 months and during that time she turned into a very nice sheep dog.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t find her a suitable working home so she ended up (after a trip to OH) learning about goose control in upstate New York.

Duce .  He needs no introduction – he’s the one Susane kept.  See the  “Our Dogs” page. Well, here’re a few more things about Duce.  We collected his semen in 2006, and if all goes well (and according to our plan), his semen will be put to a daughter of Toss in about six years (when said daughter, whose birth is two years away as of 2006, is four years old….

Ginn.   She needs no introduction either as she’s the one Chuck kept.   Of course,  Susane can’t stop herself …. Ginn is by far the most incredible bitch we could ever have dreamt of producing.  She turns heads when she’s working, doesn’t matter if its in the smaller arena trials (where she really shines) or the large-field trials.  Can’t tell you how many of the “big hats” have told Chuck – “you know, if you’d put her on whistles…” That’s right, Chuck doesn’t use a whistle, he prefers voice commands instead and Ginn rarely fails to listen and respond.  Of course, on a large course and in windy conditions, having no whistles can be a problem.Photo by Amy Johnson, Great Dane Photos

Chica.   Black Tri (very little tan) smooth coat.   Lives with Pam Johnson in Lonsdale, MN.  Pam has put a CDX obedience title as well as the novice agility titles on Chica.  Where she shines, of course, is on stock.  She works both sheep and cattle (Pam and her husband have a beef herd).  She is a very talented girl who could do some really great things if she wasn’t saddled with two handicaps.  One is that she’s unilaterally deaf in her right ear, which was white at birth. Two is the most debilitating – she overheats.  Pam is very good at managing her and knows the warning signs to look for.  It is hard as a breeder to know that one has produced a less than perfect dog, but luckily for us and Chica, she has a great home with Pam who works around her disabilities

Tippy .  Black Tri rough coat.  Tippy lives with Paula Leusman in Duluth, MN.  He’s a great companion who has dabbled some in being a farm dog.  Paula will get back to the farm when she can, and we know that Tippy can’t wait to have his own sheep again.  Herding the cat only gets you so far! Tippy has also dabbled some with agility, he wasn’t too sure that it was a sport for him.  He’d rather play with Paula’s two young children.

Raeson .  Red Tri rough coat.  This is Duce’s identical twin (well, except for the color, of course!).  They are very much two peas in a pod.  Both are very sensitive boys, with the same type of quirks.  Rae lives with Lori Arent in Stillwater, MN.  Rae and Lori come to Sheepy Corner for lessons in sheep herding.   They earned their PT title in style in June 06 and we expect them to compete in started in the fall.
Will.  He was a red tri smooth coat.  Was, because he died of a very aggressive brain tumor in 2005.  Will lived and trained with Nancy Obermark, who owns his sire Dice.  Nancy said of Will that he was the best Border Collie she ever had – we were all devastated when he died.He worked all stock with style and had time enough to earn his ASCA WTCH and AHBA HTCH and he only needed a few more points for his AKC HC.
There is no photo of Jack.Jack  was a black tri rough coat.  He’s also gone on over the Rainbow Bridge.  He was owned by the Oakdale Golf course but lived with his handler and trainer Bill.  Unfortunately, Jack was gun shy and when his handler moved to a new house, they didn’t put up a fence.  One day he was left outside and the neighborhood kids were playing paint ball.  Jack got frightened and took off – they found him dead in a ditch two days later. Please, if you don’t have a fence – NEVER leave your dog unattended!!  Speaking of fences – the so called invisible fences are useless if a dog gets frightened, or if someone wants to take your dog.  An invisible fence may keep your dog in – but it can’t keep unwanted animals or humans OUT.