Stock Dog Training

Susane will gladly evaluate your dog to see if it has interest in herding and if s/he has any potential. Please understand, though, that instinct is not synonymous with actual ability or talent.  For some dogs, it can take a couple of exposures to stock before the drive to work “kicks in.”  Although, with the majority of dogs bred for working, it tends to be apparent immediately.

So, you want to teach your dog to herd livestock? Then, let me start with a disclaimer: herding is a VERY ADDICTIVE sport!!!
You’re still convinced that you want to give it a shot?

OK, here are a few things you will need to get started:

  • A herding dog, preferably one that was bred to work stock.
  • A place to train and a good instructor
  • Some basic obedience: Down, sit, stay, COME WHEN CALLED, walk politely on lead.
  • A working relationship with your dog: YOU are the team leader, no questions asked
  • A dog that’s old enough to take the physical and mental demands of training
  • A dog that is physically fit, or at least able to get that way, and you should be physically fit too. Or at least able to get that way.
  • Time! (So you can train on a regular basis).

For more information:

What To Expect