Susane Hoffman

Susane was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden and it was there that her love affair with dogs began — thanks to a little black and tan Dachshund called Anja. The dive into dog sports didn’t happen until she came to the US, Florida to be exact. It started with a dog that sorely needed some basic obedience training. Eventually, Susane moved to Minnesota, and found how much more fulfilling it is to work with a dog that is doing what s/he is bred for, and since that involved having sheep, she got to fulfill the dream of becoming a farmer/shepherd, albeit on a small scale.


Chuck Hoffman

Chuck grew up in Mankato, Minnesota. He had no pets growing up. Then Amy, a fantastic little Sheltie, came into his life while he was living in Austin, TX. Amy went on to become an American and Canadian OTCh (Obedience Trial Champion) who was ranked nationally in all breeds – not too bad for his first dog!

When Chuck kept Ginn from our first litter, he joined Susane in training and trialing in herding and left obedience behind.