Susane Hoffman

Susane was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden and it was there that her love affair with dogs began — thanks to a little black and tan Dachshund called Anja. The dive into dog sports didn’t happen until she came to the US, Florida to be exact. It started with a dog that sorely needed some basic obedience training. That was Jan, a Keeshond. From Jan things quickly escalated into a whole bevy of dogs of a variety of breeds that earned many titles along the way in conformation, obedience, and tracking.


Chuck Hoffman

Chuck grew up in Mankato, Minnesota. He had no pets growing up. Then Amy, a fantastic little Sheltie, came into his life while he was living in Austin, TX. Amy went on to become an American and Canadian OTCh (Obedience Trial Champion) who was ranked nationally in all breeds – not too bad for his first dog!

When Amy retired from obedience, Kali, also a sheltie, was added to the family which by then consisted of one Border Collie, one Keeshond (Spike), and Amy. Around this time the Border Collie breed was accepted into the folds of the American Kennel Club. (Or hijacked, depending on how you look at it and what side of the Border Collie wars you’re on!) After spending a considerable time on the Border Collie fence, Susane decided to show her young BC Bodhi in conformation. But NOT until he had proven that he had considerable interest in sheep, along with some talent for herding. (Susane’s level of talent at that time isn’t going to be mentioned here!!!) So, that’s where this whole thing started.