Sheep & Lambs

Our ewe flock is mostly North Country Cheviot, mostly, because so far we’ve only had one pure bred ewe, the rest are cross bred although by now our genetics are about 7/8 th NCC.

When we started, we had 6 Barbado cross ewes and a purebred St Croix ram plus three dog broke cross bred wool ewes. After a couple of years with these sheep, we decided that in order to make lambs that could be sold as meat lambs we needed a larger breed of sheep with lambs that could get to market weight in a reasonable amount of time. We added more commercial wool ewes and used a rambouillet ram a couple of years while searching for a breed/cross that would work well as dog training sheep AND produce a good quality meat lamb. This is how we arrived at the North Country Cheviot.

The NCC is an easy keeper with good mothering qualities. Our ewes drop twins most of the time and occasionally also have triplets. We don’t push our lambs but let them grow on pasture until they are about 100 lbs. when they are sold directly to our customers. Our dog training flock is made up of an assortment of sheep, with a few that are really dog broke and some that are light and flighty, both wool and hair sheep. This way we can put together groups that are suitable for whatever we’re wanting to teach the dog.

We occasionally have ewe lambs and yearlings for sale. We will also sell rams, but we need to know ahead of time to keep back rams as most of the time they are castrated at 3 to 5 days old Contact us for availability if you are interested in purchasing breeding ewes and/or rams.