Ch HC U-CDX Willow Run Know It All UDX HXAs ATDs OTDd “Bodhi”
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October 13, 1992 – April 30, 2007

Oh how I miss you my great big huggy bear

The paw print you left on my heart will never fade

Bodhi was Susane’s second Border Collie. He was bred by Diane Conroy in St. Petersburg, FL. Bodhi was a “Dual Champion” in AKC, which means he had a conformation championship as well as a herding championship in AKC. It’s really Bodhi’s fault that we sold our house in town and moved to our hobby farm – he managed to get Susane totally hooked on herding. And although we had some success on the trial field, he mostly taught Susane what to look for in a really good working dog. He was a great ambassador for the breed and he was the greatest companion anyone could ever dream of sharing their life with. While still actively helping Susane with the sheep, he was the best dog around the lambing barn. He would never harm anything and he was endlessly patient with the baby lambs who have no fear of dogs. Bodhi truly was a gentle soul.