Photo by Inger Joura

DC Sheepy Corner Bet On Two HXBds HXAds OTDds OA AXJ, “Duce”
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Duce is a litter mate to Ginn and the second pup we kept out of that first litter. He’s a very good sheep dog and he also really likes to work ducks. . Duce was also moved up to open in USBCHA trials in October 2004. He drew a really pesky ewe in his first trial in open that forced us to retire halfway on the cross drive. Since that first time in open, we’ve improved our record to now have earned our first USBCHA points (for placing 12th in a 67 dog open class at the C-24 trial in Fellsmere, FL, in February). In 2006, Duce and Susane placed well enough at the Portage, WI, Labor Day trial that we had the opportunity to run in the double lift final. We didn’t get very far as Duce has never been asked to “look back” for sheep that were over 400 yards away. Oh well. Rest assured, if we get there again, we won’t have that problem!

Duce also managed to find (and bring) his sheep in his first attempt at the large course at the Bad Lands trial. In the second run we weren’t as fortunate and I had to get on the four wheeler to go pick my dog up at the set out pen.

In 2009, Duce ran really well. He got second at the 725 trial and won both open classes at the Jordan, MN, trial. In 2010, when Ginn was running superbly, Duce was struggling a bit. He’s definitely starting to show his age, and I have a feeling that 2011 will be his last year running, at least on the really large courses.

Duce ended 2011 by winning the last Open trial at Star of the North in Minnetrista, MN, under judge Alasdair McRae.  Good old dog, we just had one of those runs that clicked from start to finish.  His last trial before retiring was the Ettrick Kennels Open, a huge course with tricky, but awesome, sheep.