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Our second breeding was in 2004 between Ginn and Roy

SC’s Ginn Pedigree

Read on to see some photos and information about each puppy from our second litter.

Bill Gary’s Roy, photo by Bill Gary

HC SheepyCorner Queen of Hearts HXBds HXAds OTDds AX AXJ, “Ginn”
Puppy One – MistMist now lives with Sandy and Gary in Wisconsin with “grandma” Wisper. She has turned on to stock and is “helping” Sandy some with the sheep. Mist is very good at what Bill Gary (Roy’s owner) calls “teleporting.” One moment she’s safely on the OUTSIDE of the fence and the next she’s in the middle of the sheep making sure grandma Wisper is doing it all correctly.In the last “report,” Sandy tells us that Mist is doing really well, and she sure has grown into a nice looking girl
Puppy Two – BessBess lives with Linda in IL where’s she’s learning to do agility, tracking and obedience. In the last report that Linda sent she tells us that Bess is showing moments of brilliance on the track, interspersed with moments of “crittering.” Linda hopes to get Bess certified soon so she can try for her TD (Tracking Dog) title. Bess has also gotten her debut in agility, where Linda is very pleased with their progress.
Linda’s daughter Kara and Bess are best of friends.
Puppy Three – TagTag is the pup that Chuck chose to keep. She’s definitely her mother’s daughter! She “turned on” to sheep and ducks the earliest of all the pups. Now at almost ten months old she’s showing us some nice moves. She’s free moving with good balance with a nice amount of eye. Alas, it was not meant to be. Tag decided at about a year and a half old that she would rather not be a hard core working dog so even though she could do chores well and had no difficulty handling ewes with lambs or setting sheep at trials, we decided to place her. We found her a home with a young family just starting out in farming. One day there was an accident involving boiling water spilled over a hand that made calling an ambulance necessary. When the husband finally came home from the hospital where his wife was admitted, Tag was nowhere to be found. They found her a couple of days later, dead on the road. All they can figure is that somehow Tag got out when the ambulance came and she followed it out onto the road.
Puppy Four – KittKitt lives with Diana in IL where’s she’s getting to do it all. Diana has started her in agility, obedience and has introduced her to sheep. Diana has taught her several fun tricks that she put on a CD and shared with us. We’re certainly hoping that Diana and Kitt will have as much success in agility and obedience that Diana’s had with her other three border collies – and we’re also hopeful that they will have lots of success in herding. As of the end of 2009, Kitt has several advanced titles in both agility and herding. She’s also moved up to ProNovice on Border collie trials.
Puppy Five – TrimTrim was Ellen’s puppy almost from the start. She was the smallest of the six girls and since we didn’t have any boys in the litter (what Ellen really had her heart set on) Ellen said she’d take a small girl and name her Trim. Well, little Trim decided that SMALL she was NOT going to be! She’s almost the same size as Toss (puppy six) but I think Ellen has gotten used to that by now.Trim was a bit slower to turn on to the woolies, but she’s certainly made up for it – she’s very nice and natural, she has beautiful balance, nice amount of eye and is making us look forward to the future with great anticipation. Ellen is also working Trim in agility.
Puppy Six – TossToss is the pup that Susane decided to keep. Well, it might have been a bit of the other way around, actually, but there was something about her that kept making Susane’s eyes go to her. She’s quite striking, with a super temperament – nothing bothers this girl!It took her until October to finally “see” the sheep. To begin with, she wanted to do a lot of running right through the middle of them, and she was particularly happy when she managed to catch one…. she’s pulled her fair share of wool this one.She has a LOT of eye, almost too much – she wants to get “sticky” so Susane has to keep her moving when she’s working.Both Toss and Tag have been going along at feeding time (one at a time, of course). At first with either Ginn or Duce along, but very quickly on their own. They figured out really fast that their task is to hold the sheep off the feeders while hay or grain is put out and to keep the ram at bay. Neither pup has any hesitation about handling the ram who is typically NOT impressed by a dog.Toss is now almost five and moved to open in USBCHA trials at the end of 2008. She also finished her AKC herding champion title at the beginning of 2009 so now we’re concentrating soley on USBCHA trials. She thrilled me by getting around and finishing the very difficult course at the 725 trial in Portage, WI, in May 2009. Only a handful of dogs finishes that course when it’s run – Toss did her outrun and lift with a perfect 20-10.